Thursday, 6 May 2010


I went up to the apartment's roof garden at 6.30 this evening as the sun was setting. I noticed that all the birds, whether in groups including that technical wonder the V formation, pairs or oh so rarely, singles, were all flying towards the disappearing sun.

Note for self....sun sinking after a very hot day calls for a G&T or a glass of wine on the roof to celebrate the cooling day, the sounds of the night birds and of course the cicadas. What a joy to hear them again.


  1. you know you didn't have to go as far away as india to hear cicadas, right? the eurostar would take you to them just as well.. but i suppose it takes a roof terrace in mysore to justify the daily G&T..
    enjoy your travels, keep the posts coming!

  2. cicadas,... ah, that African night, all those years ago, the recording device, the blackness, the Ugandan symphony... remember? xxx

  3. Ah yes, I remember it well....xx

  4. I so hope where you are at peace in the mountains is worth the hasstle of getting there - how are you getting back or might you stay for fear of the journey. I can't say you are selling travelling in India to me but it is good to read your accounts which are so descriptive from the safety of my little 'dolls house'! xx