Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The journey begins

It's Wednesday May 5th, the day the I've been planning for (sort of) and looking forward to. Now as I sit in the splendour of Heathrow Terminal 5, the reality has kicked in and I'm feeling nervous and excited and part of me, a small part, is wondering what the hell I'm doing...but this is a journey thats been building up inside for for quite a while. I'll miss all those I love and who I know and who are part of life. So, please comment and follow me.

Postings on here will be iregular, depending on where I am, what I'm doing and if there's an internet connection.

India and Africa, here I come!


  1. Well, Bon Voyage, Simon. Enjoy the experience, and if you can, blog us regularly. I found my account of the time in India was a great souvenir for me, and if anybody else enjoyed it, that was a bonus!

  2. We're with you, Simonico, on your travels... with, in my case anyway, a mixture of excitement, envy, missing you, and most of all curiosity, to hear about the people, places, ideas, values and hopefully delights you will encounter. There are so many ways of living, ways of seeing the world, ways of learning and teaching... I hope you encounter many of them, and benefit from leaving the West and its' tired philosophy behind for a while...

  3. Bon voyage my friend. Who knows what state the country will be in when you return.

  4. How wonderful to start getting comments...thank you all!!