Sunday, 9 May 2010


Across the small road in front of the apartment is a park. A gentle, tree filled shady place enjoyed by the local children and their parents. I can see that it will become a haven for me, especially when a quiet time is needed to reflect on life and love and all the things that challenge us and need to be faced and absorbed and allowed to mellow.

I was reflecting on this when I heard a child say 'Hello Uncle, what is your name?' Well, as someone who will be a grandfather later this year and who is already a Great Uncle as well as an uncle, I'll take that. It's a lovely greeting and one commonplace here and soon we were exchanging pleasanteries as if we'd known each other for years and the number of children surrounding me had grown from one to seven.

This has been a long lazy day, perfectly fine for a Sunday but I can completely understand how easy it would be to just stay like that, reflecting, feeling, just being still.

But hey, the world awaits and Uncles, great or not must play their part. It's time to pour that glass of wine a think about supper.


  1. Goddesspeed to you, Uncle Simon! Isn't it great to be in a culture where everyone is Auntie and Uncle rather than Don't Talk to Anyone You Don't Know. Oh, and I particularly like the idea that 'playing your part' equates to... 'thinking about supper'. That's my boy! ;-) xxx

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  3. What’s the rush?

    You have been seeking spaces for reflection for a long time. And the “shoulds” and “oughts” of this world may be what you need to put aside before you can work out the meanings that you want to find. But then again, total stillness can become apathy, and action often stimulates understanding (though less rarely through a wine glass!!)

    Pretentious? Moi?

    By the way, your writing style is lovely.

  4. brilliant, this came as an alert in my email :) I love your writing, it is wonderful to get an insight into your interaction with a different culture and for someone who told me he cant write well...poetic is not understating :) I spent Sunday digging and composting and now am busy listening to Barbrara Marx Hubbard on webcast.

  5. How lovely, I can hear your voice as I read your thoughts and views. It is wonderfully peaceful. I look forward to reading what you have written as it brings a wonderful dimension to what sometimes is a slightly stressful day. On the whole all things are good and the house is looking even more like a 'dolls house' covered in white climber and the blossom out on the fruit trees. The birds are so busy nesting they demand food if their 'feeder' is empty by tapping on my window and chirping as loudly as possible. The sun on the masts in the morning makes it magic.